Friday, February 26, 2010

Most Tweeted brands

I previously reported about the collaboration between Advertising Age and What The Trend, a social media trend-analytics service, to come up with a list of most Tweeted brands each week.

Here is the latest list and, once again, my personal favorite, Justin Bieber, tops the list. (What the...!?)

1. Justin Bieber (Canadian R&B/pop singer)
2. Olympics (Hot topics have included hockey, ice skating/dancing and NBC's broadcast schedule)
3. Jonas Brothers
4. Shutter Island (The latest collaboration between Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio)
5. Tiger Woods
6. Super Junior (A band from South Korea who has a very strong Twitter fan base)
7. Twitter
8. American Idol (FOX)
9. Health Care Summit (The summit is being held in Washington, D.C.)
10. IHOP (The restaurant chain had a free-pancakes-for-charity promotion this past Tuesday)

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