Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Brent and Bob

Two aged ones are being employed by the Worldwide Leader to broadcast the Big Monday Big 12 games. And basketball fans across the nation, and particularly this region, are suffering through a horrid viewing experience as a result.

ESPN, for some inexplicable reason, has placed longtime broadcaster Brent Musburger as the Big Monday play-by-play guy with Bob Knight, the winningest college coach ever, at his side. Sounds like a terrific match, right? Wrong!!!

Musburger is, in a word, horrible as a play-by-play guy. He makes mistake after mistake each Monday, many of which are basic ones, e.g., suggesting that Texas had a return match-up with Kansas this season. Uh, no, Brent--Texas is in the South Division of the Big 12, Kansas is in the North, and thus they play each other only once per Big 12 basketball season. Musburger also must not meet with the schools' Sports Information Directors before a game--he last night insisted on calling Texas A&M coach Mark Turg-ON. (Dude, it's "Turg-in.") I'm sure A&M's SID would have loved to have helped Musburger with pre-game preparation.

Knight offers glimpses of the color commentator he could be by providing insightful analysis--sometimes. Wrapped around the occasional insights are head-scratchers like last night's revelation that the home team typically has the advantage in a game. Really!?

It's so bad that a local sports talk radio station has started a petition to try to get ESPN to reconsider re-hiring Musburger and Knight. If you're interested, you can go to the following link to attach your name to the petition:

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