Friday, February 5, 2010

Brand Bowl 2010

It had to happen.

Twitter is now being used as a mechanism to allow fans to talk about their favorite Super Bowl commercials from this Sunday’s game. You can go to to vote—there you’ll find a one-page site which allows you to tweet about the various commercials as well as read real-time reactions to the spots from other consumers.

The site will rank the brands—not the individual ads—running during the game within minutes of their air time.

In years past, advertisers would wait anxiously to read the next day’s USA Today Ad Meter story on the Super Bowl advertising winners and losers. And, other media forums would weigh in with the same consumer and/or opinion data. With, there’s no need to wait—advertisers, the press and consumers will know, real time, reactions to this advertising and the millions of dollars invested to make it happen.

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