Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tropicana branding - a packaging marketer's nightmare

In case you missed it, Tropicana is returning to its classic orange juice packaging which featured the visual of a straw sticking out of an orange. The Pepsico brand had earlier produced radically different packaging which, to this eye, seemed almost generic in style, font and approach (see following link for examples.)

The Tropicana packaging is an example of every marketer's nightmare--a decision which results in negative consumer outcry. And, it begs the question, "why is Pepsi on a re-branding kick?" The soft drink and beverage company is undertaking the most massive re-branding in recent marketing history--an estimated $1.2 billion over three years for its soft drink brands. And, the brand marketer launched a re-branding effort last year for its Gatorade brand, which is another head-scratching decision.

Is it just me or does it seem harder and harder for companies to stay the course with consistent branding and communications?

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