Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rock of Ages

Idol fans, remember Constantine Maroulis? He was in the competition during the Bo Bice era when big-haired rockers tried to win the coveted trophy of the American Idol competition.

Maroulis, who did not win, is now performing in Rock of Ages on Broadway. The musical takes on 1980's rock when MTV became a pop culture hit and performers like Journey, Pat Benatar, Poison and Whitesnake ruled. It's about big hair, skin-hugging clothing and guitar rock. Maroulis plays a shy kid from Michigan who works in a rock club. His love interest in an aspiring actress from...yes...Kansas.

At least Maroulis has made it to Broadway. Another Idol has-been, Taylor Hicks, is in a touring production of Grease. Look for him in your town soon...

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  1. At least? Its the realization of his lifelong dream, idiot.