Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fashion don'ts...are now do's

A couple of weeks ago, during The Masters week, I lamented in this space about how many golfers were adopting the white shoes and white belt look which was so prevalent in the 1970s on the PGA Tour. Well, John Paul Newport in today's Wall Street Journal takes on that look with his own concerns about how we baby boomers, who lived through the fashion horror of the '70s, are now re-living that nightmare with today's golfers.

Unfortunately, hot young golfer studs like Anthony Kim, Camillo Villegas, Paul Casey and Adam Scott have adopted the look. Thus, it likely won't be going away anytime soon.

My favorite quote in the article, although concerning, is by Stephanie Wei, who blogs about golf. Wei equated this trendy look on the golf course to blogging and said, "the blogs that get noticed are the ones with an attitude or an out-there tone." Well, loyal readers, don't expect any white shoes and white belt on this blog anytime soon.

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