Friday, April 24, 2009

End of the week quick hits and musings

- Amidst all the buzz about New York's two new baseball stadiums is the fact that other major sports venue projects are still in play around the five boroughs. The new Meadowlands Stadium is taking shape in East Rutherford, NJ and is scheduled to open next year. The $1.7 billion stadium will house the Jets and the Giants. In Harrison, NJ, Red Bull Arena will also open next year. This $150 million structure will be home to the Major League Soccer Red Bulls. Renowned architect Frank Gehry has designed the Barclays Center, the future home of the NBA Nets, who will relocate to Brooklyn in 2011. This 18,000 seat arena is costing $950 million. And, finally, two current venues are being renovated--Madison Square Garden has a $500 million project which will be completed in 2011; Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum has a $300 million project approved but an undetermined opening date. That's a lot of coin being invested in sports locales, during a down economy, in the New York area.

- Did you hear about the bride who is suing a wedding guest who allegedly announced that she'd had an affair with the groom? The New York Post reports that Sandrina and Harold Purdum, both 31, married last September in South Ozone Park, a neighborhood in Queens. (How would you like to live in "Ozone Park?") Sandrina claims that wedding guest Jennifer Angevine--who was Harold's boss at the time--ruined the wedding day with an outburst in which she allegedly tossed a drink on anther guest, poked the bride in the chest and then made the stunning claim of her affair with Harold. It sounds like that could have been a pretty interesting wedding night for the Purdum's.

- Did you know they no longer sell cinammon scones at Dean & DeLuca in Leawood!? What the...!!??? Apparently I was the only one who liked 'em. Speaking of D&D, still no word on what is going into the spot at 119th and Tomahawk Creek Parkway where D&D was to relocate.

- Lots of eateries in the JoCo area have caught on to the idea of waiving or reducing the corkage fee on wine. One example--Spin, on Monday nights, has a $1 corkage fee.

- Why doesn't Facebook have a TMI button that could be easily sent to friends who post a bit too much on their wall?

- If you're a fan of Sangria, sample the fare at The Cashew downtown.

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