Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day musings

- I apologize to my loyal readers--I've been a bit off the blog grid the past couple of days. Filing and mailing tax returns, following the tax tea party, hooking up a new Nintendo Wii and, alas, work have been in the way of regular postings of late.

- A personal favorite when it comes to supermodels--Heidi Klum--is pregnant with her fourth child and her third with husband, Seal.

- Kansas and Missouri will play a Big 12 conference baseball game at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City next Wednesday evening. It would be cool to see this become an annual occurrence.

- The cause of adopting homeless pets took a step back this week with the news that the Obama family received a purebred Portuguese Water Dog from Senator Ted Kennedy. Much has been made of the non-allergic breed but the general consensus is that there is no such thing as hypoallergenic fur--that this is a myth subtly promoted by breeders hoping to sell more puppies. It would have been great to have seen the First Family adopt a pet who truly needed a home, thus promoting the cause of reducing the number of homeless animals.

- On this date in history: Jackie Robinson made his debut for the Brooklyn Dodgers, Rand McNally published its first atlas, Seth Rogen was born and, in 1955, April 15 became the deadline for filing income tax returns.

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  1. You got a Wii?!? How did I not know about this! When do we get to come over to play? :)