Monday, April 6, 2009

Marketing in a recession--who's doing well...and who's not

Advertising Age published a story in their online edition citing five brands who are doing a good job of marketing in this recession...and five who are not.

The publication names Bounty, Hyundai, Miller High Life, JetBlue and XBox as those brands doing a good job of marketing in the recession.

For Bounty, Ad Age says "the brand has continued to innovate within its premium product line without ignoring its lower-priced Bounty Basic line." Hyundai, not surprisingly, is noted for its unique Assurance program. And, the pub says that "cheap beer is a recession winner" in touting Miller High Life.

So, which brands are not faring so well? DeBeers (diamonds), EBay, GM, Stein Mart and Wendy's are named. Though DeBeers is not a surprise, EBay is given that one would think that a recession would be a logical time for the online retailer to prosper. However, the online merchant has "alienated third-party sellers and been unable to create a unified shopping experience."

As for GM, this large American company has been in the news way too frequently of late. But, one statistic noted in the Ad Age story stands out--sales across General Motors' eight brands declined 53% from February a year ago. Ouch...

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