Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday musings

- Have you noticed the ever-present desire to juxtapose sports and entertainment, or entertainment across genres? It was evident last night at the Academy of Country Music Awards. Presenters included Sarah Michelle Gellar and Matthew McConaughey. Now, other than the fact that he's from Texas, is there anything about McConaughey that screams "country?" The same occurs in sports--consider the NFL's desire to use Opening Night and Super Bowl as not only showcases for their sport but a place where live acts like Springsteen, the Stones, Bon Jovi, Faith Hill and Kelly Clarkson have performed. The same happens with the NBA but with a more hip-hop flavor of artists who typically frequent the league's All Star event.

- Happy Birthday to home boy Paul Rudd, turning 40 today. Rudd appears tonight on The Late Show with David Letterman.

- Apparently, a front page photo of a scantily clad Britney Spears has offended some readers of the Kansas City Star. The Star used the photo last week after Brit's sold-out show at the Sprint Center. Apparently, some readers would rather see a photo of the Mayor. I worry about those people...

- Did you see that the head basketball coach at Xavier turned down Arizona for the open head coaching position in Tucson? Really!? Call me crazy but a gig in the Pac-10, in a warm climate with loyal fans and past recruiting success sounds far better than Cincinnati and the Atlantic-10 conference. (No offense to those in Cincy, where they do make a mean bowl of chili...)

- Are consumers beginning to rebel against the Apple mystique? I found the attached story funny--it's about a new i-Phone user who discovers she's not a fan of the product.

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