Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday morning coffee

- Birthday wishes go out to Bill Wyman today, former bassist for the Rolling Stones, who turns 73 today. Wyman left the group in the early 1990's and now I know why--his 73 today compares to Mick Jagger's recent birthday of 66. Wyman obviously left the group because he couldn't keep up with the younger guys.

- Speaking of shout outs, let's give one today to Jalapeno's. This Tex-Mex chain of two restaurants in Kansas City has consistently served up the best fajitas in town combined with a varied, tasteful menu. Both the location in Stanley and the one in Brookside are first-rate with their service. I thought about naming Jalapeno's as a "dive of the week" but this joint is one or two steps above dive level, yet still worthy of today's restaurant recommendation.

- I'm not sure I understand why there are questions about the two pilots on the Northwest flight who overshot their destination by 150 miles. Don't you think one was overly talkative and the other put in earbuds and turned on his i-Pod as a result? They then went into their own little worlds, as air-travelering seatmates do these days, and lost track of time and geography.

- Speaking of bad pilots, Ozzy Osbourne finally received his drivers license. The dark one had failed the driving test 18 times but credits his recent passing of the test to giving up drinking. I don't know about you, but this certainly makes me feel comfortable. Not!!!

- What is it about cats? YouTube announced that the video of the cat playing the piano is now getting one billion hits a day. You heard right--one billion (with a "B.")

- For observers of the English language, I give you this. Forty seven percent of Americans consider "whatever" the most annoying expression in our language. Next is "you know," at 25%.

- Finally, our quote of the day comes from Tracy Morgan, former cast member of Saturday Night Live and now on 30 Rock: "I can't watch American Idol. It's like karoake without the booze."

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