Friday, October 16, 2009

My two cents...

I don't agree with much of what Rush Limbaugh says and I don't like the polarizing, rather than uniting, effect that media hosts like him have on our country's unity. And, the comment he made about Donovan McNabb a couple of years ago was ill-advised and inappropriate.

But, that should not be reason to deny Limbaugh the ability to own an NFL team, if he so desires. This is a league which has granted clemency to drug abusers and other assorted miscreants--does Limbaugh's "crime" of conservative values and self-expression put him in that same category?

While we're on the topic of unfair, how about Dez Bryant's (Oklahoma State) case with the NCAA? The kid lied to the NCAA and admits he did so because he was scared, but now faces likely suspension for the entire season. That seems extreme given other cases where little, if any, punishment has occurred.

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