Friday, October 9, 2009

College football preview - week six

On the heels of some baffling coaching strategy--on both sides of the ball--last night in Columbia, MO, we look forward to tomorrow’s slate of college games in the Big 12 and elsewhere. (I mean, why was Nebraska passing in a heavy rain when they had the Big 12's best running back on the field? And, yes, I know Blaine Gabbert scored but that call on 4th and goal from the two was a head-scratcher.)

Iowa State at Kansas: Line – KU by 19. Prediction – Kansas by 17. I suspect that the off week has benefited KU and they will get the lead and win comfortably at home. Things to look for in this game are KU’s ability to put pressure on Austin Arnaud given that the Iowa State line has only allowed one sack thus far this season. And, will Jake Sharp be healthy to play and how will he perform?

Texas Tech at Kansas State: Line – Tech by 17. KSU won a big game last week by holding on and blocking a PAT against Iowa State. They are facing a far superior opponent this week. I think the line on this game is correct—Tech by 17.

Baylor at Oklahoma: Line – OU by 24. Oklahoma is reeling after the Saturday night loss at Miami last weekend. Thus, is anyone surprised that Sam Bradford has been cleared to play? He will start tomorrow versus the Bears. It's important that Bradford get back in the lineup--Oklahoma's next two games are against Texas next week in Dallas and then Kansas, in Lawrence, on October 24. OU by 21.

Colorado at Texas: Line – UT by 31.5. This one could get ugly. Texas will win—by a lot.

Oklahoma State at Texas A&M: Line – OSU by 5.5. The news out of Stillwater hasn’t been good this week given the indefinite suspension of Dez Bryant. I still think the Cowboys win this one because A&M did not look good at all last week against Arkansas. OSU by 10.

Alabama at Mississippi: Line – Bama by 6.5. I think Alabama is the real deal. Crimson Tide by 7.

Florida at LSU: Line – Florida by 9. This is the big match-up of the weekend. Will Tim Tebow play? The home team has won four straight in this series…but that streak stops tomorrow. Florida by a touchdown.

Wisconsin at Ohio State: Line – OSU by 14. Undefeated Wiscy marches into Ohio State…and leaves with a defeat. Ohio State by 10.

Oregon at UCLA: Line – Oregon by 3.5. Oregon (4-1) has overcome its Boise State debacle and is once again a contender in the Pac 10. I think they’ll beat the Bruins by 7.

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