Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday fumblings

- A shout-out to University of Kansas grad Scott Bakula, who turns 55 today.

- NBC's gamble with a 10:00 p.m. ET talk show is failing. Jay Leno, based upon the most recent data, is losing his time slot on a regular basis every night.

- Former Kansas Citian James Ellroy has finished his "American Apocalypse" trilogy with his latest novel, Blood's a Rover. Ellroy has had his share of personal demons--his mother was brutally murdered when he was a child and there was a period in his life when he drank heavily, was a petty criminal, and was often homeless. His writing style tends to mirror the life he's led--he writes with staccato, gritty styling. A recent interview with Rolling Stone is typical Ellroy--profane, opinionated and deliberately shocking. For the uninitiated, the best entry into his work is L.A. Confidential, a very good book which, unlike most, was then made into a very good movie.

- Fresh off his Olympics 2016 embarrassment, President Barack Obama was named winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Congrats to our Prez.

- ABC announced that the network is picking up Cougar Town for a full season. The show stars Courteney Cox. My question is "who's watching"--would be/wannabe cougars or the cubs who yearn for a cougar like Courteney?

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