Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mid-week musings

- Check out White Collar on USA on Friday nights (9CT/10ET.) The pilot episode was good and made me want to come back for more.

- What is it about Big 8/Big 12 #1 draft picks who go to the Los Angeles Clippers? In 1989, Danny Manning (Kansas) went to L.A. and promptly blew out a knee as a Clipper. This week it was revealed that Blake Griffin (Oklahoma), the Clippers first pick, has a fractured kneecap and will be out for six weeks.

- Arguably the best show on television starts tonight and few will see it. Friday Night Lights begins its exclusive, Direct TV-only season tonight but will eventually make it to NBC some time in 2010.

- A fun, quick read is Paul Shaffer's new book, We'll Be Here for the Rest of Our Lives. Of particular interest is Shaffer's early career and his relationship with former Saturday Night Live regulars like Gilda Radner.

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