Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dive of the week

I dined at Danny Edward's Boulevard Barbecue for lunch today and decided it deserved nomination as our "dive of the week."

Danny's place is the reincarnation of Lil' Jake's "Eat It and Beat It" barbecue joint, which was a downtown staple in Kansas City, MO until a couple of years ago. The original 'cue restaurant was a true hole-in-the-wall that gained prominence for it's slogan, which was very apropos--Lil' Jake's place only boasted a couple of tables within its small confines. Thus the need to "eat it and beat it..."

The restaurant now is located on Southwest Boulevard in KCMO, next to Ponak's Mexican restaurant. The interior is open and airy with about a dozen tables. There are three televisions which today were tuned to NASCAR (check), a local news channel (uh, okay) and the Food Network (what the...?) The beer was cold and the wait staff was very pleasant and helpful.

The menu boasts the usual barbecue staples and offers a nice variety. I sampled a combination beef and pork sandwich with fries. The pork was lean, the beef tender and the fries were pretty good--sort of a poor man's version of Oklahoma Joe's spicy fries.

While I wouldn't place Boulevard Barbecue on the level of Bryant's, Gate's, LC's, Oklahoma Joes or Jack's Stack, it is quality food that fits in that "next best" category of Kansas City barbecue joints, e.g., Haywards, Rosedale, Wyandot and Bigg's (Lawrence, KS.)

Check it out--Danny Edwards Boulevard Barbecue...our dive of the week.

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