Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wrapping up the sports week

- Gee, maybe Taylor Martinez of Nebraska wouldn't have been hurt so easily at the beginning of the Texas A&M if he'd been sitting down at the end of the victory last week over Kansas. Instead, the injured QB was on the field, passing with less than a minute to play.

- There's something wrong with the system when a player gets suspended for nine games for receiving $4,000 in improper benefits but a head coach at an NCAA institution, who broke rules he's paid to understand, gets an eight-game suspension.

- There's just something very cool about Army and Notre Dame playing tonight in Yankee Stadium in New York. It's the first football game to be played in the new Yankee Stadium. The old stadium, across the street from the present location, hosted a number of notable football contests, including the "greatest game ever played"--the Baltimore Colts win over the New York Giants in the NFL Championship Game in 1958.

- Oklahoma State's star receiver Justin Blackmon may be better than the Cowboy's stud of last season, Dez Bryant.

- Former Oregon coach Mike Bellotti is rumored to be a candidate for the opening at Colorado. If he gets hired, that means Bellotti would face his old school next season when CU joins the Pacific 12.

- Do you remember what Jay Leno asked Hugh Grant after Grant was caught in a publicly compromising situation with a prostitute? Grant, at the time, was married to beauty Elizabeth Hurley and Leno's question, when Grant appeared on The Tonight Show, was "what were you thinking!?" I have a feeling Leno would ask Tony Parker the same question after revelations this week about Parker's sexting relationship with teammate Brent Barry's former wife. Parker, of course, is married to his own beauty, actress Eva Longoria.

- It's going to be a very exciting end to the NASCAR season tomorrow at Miami-Homestead Raceway. Denny Hamlin has a 15 point lead on Jimmie Johnson going into this race. Hamlin qualified 36th but came from that far back last year, in this same race, to win. I think Hamlin will do enough to stop Johnson from winning his fifth consecutive Sprint Cup championship.

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