Thursday, November 4, 2010

Random musings

- If you want to see U2 this summer, the closest stops to Kansas City will be Chicago (July 5 at Soldier Field), St. Louis (July 17 at Busch Stadium) and Minneapolis (July 23 at TCF Bank Stadium.)

- If, on the other hand, you want to see Kenny Chesney, the country star will play Arrowhead Stadium here in our cowtown on July 30. The Zac Brown Band will open for Chesney, who will headline the first concert in Arrowhead in 10 years.

- It's "they're," "their," and "there." Each is its own word with its own definition.

- When's the last time you can remember the Kansas City Chiefs-Oakland Raiders game meaning something in the NFL's AFC West?

- Was advertising copy testing used on current campaigns for brands like Old Spice ("Old Spice Man"), Dos Equis ("World's Most Interesting Man"), Charles Schwab (the paint-by-numbers illustrated people in the "Ask Chuck" work) or Dominos Pizza? I don't know...but I doubt it. Breakthrough advertising is rarely validated by pre-campaign consumer research.

- Speaking of advertising, how cool is it to have all political advertising now off the air? If only the candidates' yard signs could come down as quickly.

- Charlie Sheen is getting divorced, you say? Boy, I couldn't have called that one.

- Free Josh Selby...and Enes Kanter, while you're at it.

- Is there a show on television with a less likable cast of characters than Grey's Anatomy?

- Losing three games at home during the 2009-2010 college hoops season does not give a team license to crow about its homecourt advantage, much less nickname the building.

- The Real Housewives spoof which opened The Women of SNL special on NBC this past Monday night was hysterical.

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