Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What are we watching?

Last week I wrote about what it says about us as consumers given the shows we view on television. So, you now ask, what are most of us watching?

The latest Nielsen ratings, for last week, are released and, not surprisingly, the sport called the National Football League continues to deliver monster ratings. The Sunday, November 14, NBC prime-time game between New England and Pittsburgh delivered a 20.8 rating, meaning that 21 million sets of eyeballs were watching these two AFC rivals.

But, football didn’t deliver the best ratings of the week—that honor belonged to the Dancing With the Stars franchise, which once again is delivering big-time ratings on a regular basis. The Monday night program (ABC) has delivered a 20.9 rating, season to date, with the Tuesday results show providing a 17.2 rating.

What are the other high performers this season? Here you go (with season to date ratings, all adults):

NCIS, 21.6
NCIS Los Angeles, 17.7
The Mentalist, 16.9
Criminal Minds, 15.8
CSI, 15.6
Two and a Half Men, 15.3
The Big Bang Theory, 14.8
Grey’s Anatomy, 14.3
The Good Wife, 14.2
Desperate Housewives, 13.8
60 Minutes, 13.7
Survivor: Nicaragua, 13.2

How about some of our, and your, other favorites, as well as new shows this fall?

Blue Bloods, 12.9
Glee, 12.8
Undercover Boss, 12.6
CSI: Miami, 11.8
Private Practice, 9.8
Detroit 1-7-8, 9.3
Law & Order: L.A., 8.4

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