Monday, November 29, 2010

Which retailers won on Black Friday?

We don't yet know the retail traffic and sales numbers from Black Friday but it appears that Target may have had a good day.

If we use Foursquare, the location-based check-in tool, as our guide, then the most mentioned retail location was Target. Now, keep in mind that only a tiny percentage of the populace uses a location app like Foursquare, and that those early adopters are more likely to be shopping online than in brick-and-mortar retail locations. Yet, it is an indicator of which retail brands may have done well this past Friday.

Target captured almost 25% of all Black Friday check-ins, likely indicating the success of its holiday promotional advertising as well as that of its stepped-up social marketing activity. Target has been much more aggressive in the social media space, and has even purchased the hashtag #BlackFriday on Twitter.

How did other brands fare? Here's the list:

Target - 24.2%
Walmart - 17.1%
Best Buy - 14.3
Toys 'R' Us - 12.2%
Apple - 7.2%
Kohl's - 6.8%
Macy's - 6.4%
Old Navy - 4.9%
The others mentioned were Home Depot and Costco.

It's interesting to note Target's success in light of its change in advertising strategy. The retailer moved to a harder hitting, promotional form of work versus the past campaigns which have focused more on the various brands featured at Target.

We'll compare back against these numbers once "real" Black Friday data becomes available.

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