Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lazy Sunday afternoon

- Can we just stick with one "time?" As much as I like the "fall back" idea, I'm still not convinced that we need to move to Daylight Savings Time in the spring, much less move away from it in the fall.

- How did Kansas make its amazing comeback yesterday against Colorado? It did it by scoring 35 points in the fourth quarter. Therein lies the beauty of college sports--it's amazing what confidence can do to a teams' performance.

- More on KU-Colorado yesterday...this loss, and how it happened, put the final nail in the Dan Hawkins coffin. The former Boise State coach will surely not make the trip with Colorado to the Pacific 12 conference next season.

- A 15-month old baby in Paris fell from a seventh story window, and survived, by bouncing off of a cafe awning and into the arms of a passerby.

- As alluring as the thought was of an immense talent like Randy Moss in a Chiefs uniform, I'm glad that General Manager Scott Pioli did not pursue the troubled superstar. The Chiefs organization has done a terrific job of blending team chemistry--the addition of Moss would have been the ultimate test of that approach. Why take the risk, given the success of the team thus far this season?

- I'm not a fan of the special uniform designs which are becoming more prevalent in college football. Texas Tech's pinkish camo look last night was, shall we say, interesting? Throwbacks are cool--over-designed unis are not.

- Show of hands--who remembers the school bus ride with the prankster on board who would make various bodily sounds intended to "entertain" his captive audience? Apparently, that sort of behavior is frowned upon in Ohio where a sixth grader was placed in detention for farting on the school bus. The 11-year old insisted that the flatulence was involuntary. The bus driver, however, contradicted the story saying that the offender would "laugh while the others screamed."

- It wasn't a good day for the Pac-12's new entrants yesterday. Not only did Colorado surrender a 28 point lead in Lawrence, but Utah was routed by TCU thus ending any national title hopes for the Utes.

- That "pfft" sound you hear from Waco, TX is the Baylor balloon being burst by Oklahoma State. The Bears still have a chance to go to a good bowl with home games remaining against Texas A&M and Oklahoma, but will not win the Big 12 South. A&M now owns a three-game winning streak and beat #8 OU yesterday at Kyle Field in College Station. The Aggies have remaining games against Nebraska and Texas, in addition to Baylor. OU still has Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, plus Baylor, on their schedule.

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