Friday, November 19, 2010

Best halftime college ads

The Wall Street Journal used four experts to select the best college television advertising from the 112 ads surveyed--commercials which typically air during halftime breaks of college football broadcasts.

Both the University of Missouri and the University of Kansas were mentioned--the only Big 12 institutions which made the top 13 cited by the panel.

Jon Hamm was the "best cameo" in Missouri's spot which uses the "MIZ-ZOU" cheer coming from notable alums. In Kansas' case, the panel said that "visually, the spot is pretty typical...but the 'Rock Chalk, Jayhawk' chant in the background gets you fired up."

Other spots of note:

- Tom Brokaw as "best voiceover" for the University of Iowa.
- "Best historical footage" in Rice University's spot, which features President John F. Kennedy.
- "Best original score" by Shimon, a robot who plays the marimba while a fellow student plays drums for Georgia Tech's commercial.

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