Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Morning Quarterbacking

It's the day after the Kansas City Chiefs' painful loss to their arch-rival Oakland Raiders, and I'm just sitting here wondering:

- How does a team--Kansas City--which has won consistently this season by NOT making mistakes lose by: having a punt return touchdown called back due to a penalty, taking three points off the board due to a penalty on a made field goal, and throwing an interception in the endzone when it was assured of getting at least a FG prior to halftime? And, that's on top of Oakland having 15 penalties, three turnovers and a missed FG!

- Does Colorado fire Dan Hawkins this week, or allow him to finish the season? Many in college athletics think that the "fire a coach in the season" action is a real no-no but CU has Iowa State and Kansas State coming to Boulder in the next two weeks. Both are winnable games--will the Buffs rally around Hawkins or would an interim coach be a better solution?

- Dead man walking - Wade Phillips. (By the way, Phillips has not been seen today at Valley Ranch, the Cowboys practice facility in Dallas.)

- "He can recruit but..." What in the Sam Hill is going on down in Austin? How does a coach take recruiting classes which have been ranked in the top 12 the past five years and coach them to ugly losses at home against UCLA, Iowa State and Baylor, and on the road Saturday in Manhattan? Mack Brown is, right now, the second least popular coach in the state after the aforementioned Phillips.

- Speaking of Texas, the best college football team in the state right now is TCU. And, Baylor and Texas A&M will play for second place this Saturday in Waco.

- By the way, Brown has the current top recruiting class for 2011 headed to Austin next season. If he has another sub-par year, look for the Longhorns to give Eric Taylor a look at head coach. Taylor is the coach of the fictional East Dillon, TX team on Friday Night Lights, which will cease to be on NBC after spring 2011.

- Free Josh Selby.

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