Sunday, September 20, 2009

Quick Hits

- Watch the ratings for tonight's Emmy Awards--last year the telecast fell to its lowest level in almost 20 years. My expectation is that the ratings wil not improve appreciably given that there are still way too many nominees for shows that are not regularly seen by the majority of viewers. Examples of the low-viewership phenomenon include nominated shows 30 Rock, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Family Guy, Dexter and The Closer.

- The University of Minnesota football team just moved into a new stadium this season. And, in an attempt to curb public drunkenness among its student attendees, those who are kicked out of a game for public intoxication will have to pass an alcohol breath test at the gate when they next try to attend. There was no word out of UM as to how drunken alums might be handled.

- Speaking of student behavior, University of Kansas undergrads are coming out in droves to support thier football team...then leaving at halftime. While the game has typically been well-in-hand by that point of the game, the habit has caused KU officials to offer a special student promo for an XBox 360--to be announced and redeemed during the 4th quarter. Not surprisingly, the winning students must be present to get their prize.

- Have you noticed that Home Depot has enlisted Ed Harris as its voice-over talent for their new ad campaign? Competitor Lowe's uses Gene Hackman, meaning Lowe's leads in the Oscars race--Hackman has won two Academy Awards while Harris has four nominations but no wins.

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