Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mid-week musings

- Welcome back, Whitney! In case you missed it--and it's been hard to miss, given her appearance on ABC's Good Morning America in Central Park and via other media outlets--Whitney Houston's new album had the biggest first week of sales of any past Houston album. Kudos to long-time producer Clive Davis for how he has helped orchestrate this "comeback."

- Methinks college football underclassmen will be more apt to consider coming out early for the NFL Draft given the recent fates of returning Oklahoma stars Sam Bradford and Jermaine Gresham. Bradford sprained his shoulder in the opener versus BYU and is out 2-4 weeks. Gresham's situation is more dire--recent surgery on his knee indicated significant enough damage that the star TE will miss the entire season.

- We can all go back to regular programming--President Barack Obama's address to the schoolchildren of America went off yesterday without children returning home talking of socialized medicine or exiting the war in Iraq.

-Show of hands--how many have been following Mad Men this year? Some interesting story lines are shaping up.

- Guilty pleasure alert: Melrose Place starts tonight. The re-make of the former adult soap (early-to-mid 1990's) brings back Laura Leighton from the original cast. I won't spoil the opener but you'd better tune in if you want to see Leighton--she won't be around long.

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