Monday, September 21, 2009

Dive of the week

I was introduced to Dempsey’s in Lawrence, KS after the Kansas-Duke football game on Saturday. And, the self-proclaimed Irish bar did not disappoint—the burger and fries were fantastic. I am a bit hesitant to call any establishment which uses “truffle butter” as a “dive of the week,” but Dempsey’s succeeds because it offers a great variety of beer, including some local micro-brews, has pool plus free foosball and darts, and provides ample televisions for viewing Saturday afternoon football. But, it’s the burgers which shine here. There is the classic burger, cooked medium with prime meat plus greens and cheddar, coupled with your choice of basic or sweet potato fries. Dempsey’s also offers a premium Kobe burger for $2 more. If you’re vegetarian (perish the thought), there is the Falafel burger. A Pancetta burger also dots the menu. These burgers are gourmet in style but are offered up in a place which has a long bar, two pool tables, classic rock music and the atmosphere that one expects in a classic college town, including only urinals in the Men’s restroom.

There was a good post-game crowd but it’s not the crazed scene of The Wheel after a Jayhawk game.

Dempsey’s is located just south of the intersection of Sixth and Vermont, one block west of the main street of Massachusetts. Check it out--Dempsey’s in Lawrence, KS, our dive of the week.

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