Monday, September 14, 2009

Public meltdowns: Serena at U.S. Open

In our continuing series on public meltdowns--first, Kanye West (MTV Video Awards) and the day before that, Serena Williams--we bring you the clip from CBS where Williams clearly foot-faulted. Her tirade cost her another point and thus the semi-final match against Kim Clijsters, the eventual U.S. Open winner.

I'm not sure what's worse--Serena's tirade against the official or John McEnroe's statement, "you can't call that there." Why not, John? A rule is a rule, just as a foul is a foul at the end of a basketball game. Why should an official not make a call just because it's the end of a match/game? (And, yeah, I know the whole argument about not letting an official/the officials determine the outcome. But, if a player breaks a rule, that rule is the same in the last set as it was on the first point of the first set--it should be called.)

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