Monday, June 29, 2009

On this date in history

- Two years ago, the i-Phone was launched by Apple and AT&T. Millions of devices later, the phone is one of the more iconic consumer devices marketed over the past 20 years.

- Show of hands--who broke the four-minute mile barrier and when? For those non-track aficionados, the answer is England's Roger Bannister who accomplished the then amazing feat in 1954. Few, however, remember the two other track-and-field barriers which fell on this date two years after Bannister's achievement. Both events took place at the U.S. Olympic Trials in Los Angeles. First, Glenn Davis broke the 50-second mark in the 400-meter hurdles, clocking in at 49.5 seconds. Later that same day, Charles Dumas became the first man to high jump seven feet. Like the four-minute mile, both marks were considered major barriers for any athlete to overcome. Today, 47 seconds is the standard to beat in the 400-meter hurdles--only one man, Kevin Young, has done it with a 46.78 seconds in 1992. And, Javier Sotomayor took the high jump to a new level when he, in 1993, became the first guy to jump eight feet. Records are, indeed, made to be broken...

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