Monday, June 1, 2009

Changing brand identies

Have you noticed that some major brands are going through major brand identity changes? The New York Times published a summary of identity changes currently in the works in yesterday's edition, noting that the new logos are trending towards "warmer, fuzzier.",%20Fuzzier:%20The%20Refreshed%20Logo&st=cse

War-Mart is the most visible brand which is changing. The world's largest retailer is replacing its all-capitals logo with a lighter blue, upper/lower case naming and a "spark" (their word--not ours) visual identifier after the name.

Kraft Foods is also changing. They've gone to an all-lower case approach on the name and a whimsical "flavor burst" (again, not our words) at the end, along with the line "Make Today Delicious."

An interesting trend seems to be the nod towards green/the environment. Many brands who are undertaking change have incorporated the color green, or blue, along with a visual identifier (e.g., a leaf on grocer SuperFresh's logo) which indicates environmentally-friendly.

Typically, changing one's brand identity is meant to improve differentiation. By heading the same direction, many of these brands now risk looking the same.

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