Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mid-week musings

- What is it about working in an airport security job that is a license to be surly, slow and generally unlikeable? I know that's a sweeping generalization but, c'mon--how many nice airport security folks have you met?

- If anyone doubted the power of NFL programming, take notice that the Emmy Awards announced that they have moved their telecast up a week, to September 13, to avoid a direct conflict with an NFL double-header.

- Mad Men doesn't start Season Three until early August. Argh...

- Target announced a partnership with Daily Candy, the email newsletter and website which covers fashion and pop culture. The retailer has called this partnership Red Hot Shop, which will be a special section at target.com. The site will feature products from up-and-coming designers, articles and artwork--all from the editors of Daily Candy.

- Have you checked out Microsoft's new search engine, Bing? The venture is designed to cut into Google's wide lead in search but it's hard to imagine ever saying "I'll Bing it."

- Quote of the day: Jeff Zucker, president and chief executive of NBC Universal, in an interview with Wall Street Journal, "Apple is the only people in the world that get to set both the wholesale and the retail price." Zucker's quote had to do with Universal's pricing dispute with i-Tunes.

- What do Bono and the Palm Pre have in common? Bono is co-founder of Elevation Partners, a private equity firm that has a 25% stake in Palm. The financial support of Elevation Partners was used to help fund development of the Pre, the new smartphone, exclusively from Sprint, which will launch in the next few days.

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