Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday morning gumbo

Greetings from the Big Easy!  Let's catch up on the goings-on in our world, shall we?

- Here in New Orleans, we'll see many tall men later today during the two games of the Final Four.  But, they'll not get within a foot of the world's tallest man--Sultan Kosen of Turkey.  Doctors at the University of Virginia were able to halt the Turkish giant's runaway growth at 8 feet 3 inches.  Said one doctor, "The human body and heart is not well designed for a person who is eight feet tall."

- A teacher in Nashville didn't like seeing teen PDA in the hallway so he threw a bucket of water on two kissing teenagers.  He went on Facebook to proclaim that the dousing "seemed to work and they stopped."  The teacher has been suspended.

- One of life's true pleasures is the beignets and cafe au lait from Cafe du Monde here in New Orleans.

- Over 65% of Americans say it's likely that President Barack Obama will be re-elected in November.  (Source:  Zogby poll)

- A former military dog handler was re-united with her bomb-sniffing canine pal, saving Sgt. Rex, a German shepherd, from being put down.  Former Marine Cpl. Megan Leavey completed over 100 missions with the dog and the two were both wounded in a 2006 bomb explosion.  When Leavey found out that Rex was to be euthanized, she got over 21,000 people to sign a petition urging the military to save the pooch.  She is now set to adopt the dog.

- Not only should you not text and drive but you also should not text and walk on a pier.  Bonnie Miller, of Benton Harbor, MI, fell off a pier in Lake Michigan while texting.  She was rescued by a passerby who dove into the water to retrieve her.

- And finally, the average member of Congress receives a salary hike of 1,452 percent once he or she leaves office and becomes a corporate lobbyist.  Some make in excess of $1 million per year.  (Source:  The Nation)

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