Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's madness!

It's madness!  No, no--not that basketball tournament which takes place this month but the wacky world of pop culture, language, naming and assorted other goings-on.

- I've written in this space before about my head shaking over the brand name Kum N Go--a chain of convenience stores primarily located in Iowa but in 10 other states as well.  Well, add to that the name Bone-Us Bag, a bag filled with treats for dogs.  "Bone Us"...really!?

- What exactly is a widget, anyway, and why is it so frequently used in business conversations?

- Kim Kardashian, fresh off her verbal dust-up with Jon Hamm, is ticked at a doctor in Mexico who is using her likeness to advertise plastic surgery.  Kardashian said, "Estoy enojada y voy a demander," which, translated, means "I'm pissed and I'm suing."  Muy bueno.

- No member of the Rolling Stones made the trip to Carnegie Hall, New York, last night for a charity tribute show to the band.  The bill included Jackson Browne, the Black Crowes, Ronnie Spector, Steve Earle and Marianne Faithful.  It was Faithful who, at 17, first sang "As Tears Go By"--the first song written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

- The latest tour from Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band kicks off Sunday at the Philips Arena in Atlanta.  The rockers previewed the show last Friday at the Apollo Theater in New York with the most pleasant surprise being the presence of Jake Clemons.  Clemons is the nephew of the late Clarence Clemons and took the spotlight for "Badlands," "Thunder Road," and "The Promised Land."  The tour will also feature a full horn section playing with the E Streeters.

- Here's the latest on the Stones' 50th anniversary tour--it's not happening in 2012.  In separate interviews with Jagger and Richards, by Rolling Stone magazine, both said that the band isn't ready and that a tour is likely more realistic in 2013.

- Who came up with words like "whatchamadoodle," "thingee," "thingamabob", and "whatchamacallit?" Just curious...

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