Saturday, March 10, 2012

The homeless...and stealing a TV in your pants

- Homeless citizens in South Florida got a treat recently when the South Beach Wine & Food Festival donated almost 30,000 pounds of food to local soup kitchens.  The area's poor and needy had the opportunity to dine on Kobe burgers, braised short ribs and slow-cooked pork.

- Lost in the hubbub of Mad Men's return on March 25 on AMC is the return of The Killing on the same network.  The Killing's second season begins on April 1.

- Speaking of Mad Men, today is Jon Hamm's (Don Draper on the show) 41st birthday.

- A Cincinnati man complained on Facebook that his estranged wife was an "evil, vindictive woman."  A judge then ordered the man to post daily apologies or a month or risk going to jail.

- Up Wisconsin way, 36 parked cars fell through the thin ice on Lake Winnebago.  The cars were parked there for an annual fishing competition.

- In the "you can't make this 'stuff' up category," a man in Minnesota was arrested after he tried to steal a 19" flat screen TV--in his pants.  A policeman noticed Eric Lee King hobbling out of the store and stopped him in the parking lot, only to discover the "large rectangular shape" in the perpetrator's pants.  The cop also found that King was carrying a remote control, power cords, and a bottle of brake fluid.

- Consumers seem to be getting more cautious about social media.  A Pew Research Center study found that 63% say they've deleted people from their "friends" list, 44% have deleted comments from their profile, and 37% have untagged photos of themselves.

- And, finally, more women are getting inked than men.  The percentage of Americans with tattoos rose from 14% in 2008 to 21% in 2011, with more women than men getting the body "art."  Of those women with tattoos, 30% say their ink makes them feel sexier and 25% say it makes them feel rebellious.  (Source:  Harris Interactive)

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