Monday, March 19, 2012

The next adventure

May 14, 1990.  That’s the day I walked into an office building set squarely on State Line Road in suburban Kansas City and embarked on a job with a new employer, which—amazingly—ends today. 

Little did I know, on that spring day in 1990, that for the next 21 years and 10 months I would hold a variety of marketing positions within the company, travel to major cities across the U.S., deal with major brands in various marketing partnerships, and gain exposure to some of the best advertising agencies—and minds—in the world.

My journey at Sprint is over.  And now, it’s on to the next chapter as I try to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. 

The journey has been one I never could have anticipated.  And, while the highlights are many, the biggest source of fulfillment has been the many, many deep relationships I’ve built, with co-workers and partner company colleagues, over the course of this career.  It’s an amazing network of friends who not only have experienced the ups-and-downs of professional success with me, but also the joys of major life events, as well as the tragedy that occurs along the way.

I depart, thankful for the opportunities I’ve been blessed to receive, proud of the accomplishments of the teams with which I've worked, and excited about the next great adventure.  Let’s see what happens next, shall we, with my professional life? Stay tuned to this space as I chronicle my journey and what I encounter in that brave new, unknown-career-next-step world out there.

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