Sunday, March 4, 2012

Language, beer pong and Apple stock

- Who says language has to be a barrier? In Charlotte, N.C., Larry Bushnell, 85, met Columba Rosaly, 97, in a retirement home. He wooed her with notes translated into Rosaly's Spanish by using the internet. They now are learning each other's language, with the help of translator Iris Newton, and are set to exchange wedding vows this weekend.

- NBC has ordered 13 episodes of Hannibal, based on Thomas Harris' Silence of the Lambs prequel book.

- For fans of The Good Wife, look for Matthew Perry (Friends) who has joined the show in a recurring role as an attorney with possible shady motives.

- In the always fun category of "You can't make this 'stuff' up," a New Jersey man who was hit by a car after playing beer pong for three hours has lost his bid to sue the bar where he was drinking. The judge ruled that Alan Berger had voluntarily engaged in the drinking game at Wicked Willy's bar and had "consumed alcohol to the point of diminished capacity."

- Down Florida way, a judge ordered a man to take his wife out to a romantic dinner--at Red Lobster. Joseph Bray was charged with domestic assault after he forgot his wife's birthday, leading to an argument where he shoved her onto a couch. The judge determined that Sonja Bray did not fear her husband, thus sentencing him to buy her a card, some flowers, then take her to dinner at the popular seafood chain. The judge said, "And, after dinner, they're going to go bowling." Sounds like a fun time.

- Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio may be collaborating again. Scorsese is considering a real-life based crime story, The Wolf of Wall Street, with Leo both starring and producing.

- Here's good news--the number of pets euthanized in the U.S. has dropped from approximately 20 million in 1970 to about three million last year, even though the number of American pets has more than doubled in that period. The biggest reason for the change is the widespread acceptance of neutering. (Source:

- Men's Health has this advice on how to request a raise. The publication suggests: Make peace--get along with your boss; Schedule a sit-down--request a meeting when business is going well; Rehearse--prepare as you would for any presentation; and, Overreach--put a big number on the table early.

- And, finally, one more amazing statistic for you--a share of Apple stock is now worth more than that of Microsoft and Google combined. (Source:

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