Thursday, April 5, 2012

This "semi-retirement" thing...

It's been less than a month since I departed my corporate post of 21 plus years and entered the world of "semi-retirement," i.e., trying to determine the next gig in my professional life.

I only needed a couple of weeks to quickly realize the vast change taking place in my life.  To wit...

- Weekends are suddenly...weekends.  The biggest change in my life has been my mindset on Sunday evenings.  No longer do I dread Sunday evening knowing that my work week will begin anew in a few short hours.  No longer do I dread hearing the "pings" on my iPhone or iPad as e-mails enter from my work mates, all eager to get a jump on the Monday morning activities.  I actually now sit and watch the great programming on Sunday evening television versus being distracted by thoughts of the next day and work week.

- Speaking of e-mail, I would estimate that my e-mail volume has been cut by 85%-90% in this new world order of seeking employment.

- My timing is now dependent upon others.  Previously, my timetable typically was the one adhered to by most others.  Now, my timetable doesn't mean diddly.  That, my friends, is a hard, hard adjustment.

- For 30-ish years, I had a routine.  I went to bed at a certain time, awoke at a certain time, stopped at a certain coffee shop on the way to work, etc., etc.  Now, my routine is that I have none...I'm not a fan of no routine.

- And, finally, it's really, really interesting to see how people react when in my presence.  Former colleagues are curious about my situation and concerned about my well-being, but many don't quite know what to say, whether to talk about the place where I departed or discuss this odd spring weather.  As I've jokingly told a couple of folks, "Hey...I'm not dead."  That joke, thus far, has fallen flat with my intended audience.

Yes, this next phase of my career has been eye-opening on so many levels.  On one hand, it's been an incredibly humbling experience since I've heard from so many who have wished me well.  On the other, it's a totally different life phase and one for which I doubt anyone is fully prepared.

Stay tuned to this space as I recount what happens in the weeks to come as I continue my quest for the answer to "what's next?"

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