Saturday, April 7, 2012

Rainy Saturday afternoon...

What's going on, dear readers, on this rainy Saturday afternoon in April?  Let's throw it around a bit, shall we?

- Did you hear about the Lee's Summit, MO elementary school and its use of the University of Kansas fight song?  Trailridge Elementary, in this suburban Kansas City town, typically infuses its morning announcements, over the intercom, with songs or music which relate to current events, thus the use of "I'm a Jayhawk" in honor of the KU Mens basketball team, playing in the NCAA Tournament's Final Four.  Last week the school played a snippet of the Kansas fight song which caused several parents, and even a former state legislator, to complain.  Said Brian Yates, a former state representative and University of Missouri graduate, "As a parent of two and a taxpaying resident of the Lee's Summit R-7 School District, I am shocked and disappointed that there was an apparent attempt to indoctrinate Lee's Summit school children to be KU fans...Playing the KU fight song or any college fight song over the intercom in a publicly funded elementary school is unacceptable."  Really!?  Do you think Yates would have been this indignant if the song choice had been "On Wisconsin?"  (Source:

- Celebration Church in Georgetown, TX typically has an attendance of 6,000 at its Sunday service.  The church expects that number to swell tomorrow to 20,000 and no, it's not just because it's Easter--Jet's quarterback Tim Tebow is scheduled to give the Easter sermon tomorrow.

- Magic City, a Starz Channel original series, debuted last night.  The series is set in 1959 Miami Beach and my advice to you is to save your time and watch other period television shows instead--notably Mad Men on AMC.

- In the category of "I need to get this" is news that Chinatown has been re-released on Blu-ray.  This 1974 noir thriller stars Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway.

- The Hunger Games opened as the third-biggest debut ever, the top opening for a non-sequel, and the best start ever for any movie outside of the summer movie season.

- The Kazakhstan national shooting team was serenaded at a medal ceremony in Kuwait with the national anthem--the wrong national anthem.  It seems organizers downloaded the wrong song by mistake and used the fake national anthem from the movie, Borat, which boasts that the nation has the region's "cleanest prostitutes."

- Katy Perry's pearly whites don't come by accident.  The singer has such a strong phobia about cavities that she brushes her teeth six times a day.  Perry carries up to 20 brand-new toothbrushes with her everywhere she goes and uses them constantly.

- Americans lost about $30 billion worth of cellphones last year.  On average, consumers lose their phones once per year.  (Source:  USA Today)

- And, finally, there is a new book out titled The Richer Sex: How the New Majority of Female Breadwinners Is Transforming Sex, Love and Family.  Written by Liza Mundy, the author notes that women are poised to become the biggest breadwinners in most dual-income households and that nearly 40 percent of working wives already earn more than their husbands.  Single, childless women under 30 make more than their male counterparts in most U.S. cities.

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