Thursday, April 26, 2012

Perfect games, high school proms and start-ups...

It's been an interesting week, campers.  The weather continues to flummox us all--90 degree temps here in the Heartland yet school cancellations in the Northeast, earlier this week, due to snow.  In political country, we've watched former Presidential hopeful John Edwards re-enter the news...and not in a good way.  And, the Kansas City Royals finally decided to win a game after going 0-fer on their recent, long home stand.

Let's catch up a bit, shall we?

- A 12-year old Seattle Little Leaguer recently achieved what no major league pitcher has ever accomplished--a perfect game where every batter faced was struck out.  Jacob Terao threw 54 strikes and 27 balls during the regulation six-inning game, striking out all 18 batters and leading his team to a 4-0 victory.  The Major League Baseball record for consecutive strikeouts is 10, set by Tom Seaver of the New York Mets in 1970.

- Hey burglars, if you want to know where Americans stash their loose cash, it's in the freezer.  A recent poll showed that 27% of those who keep sizable amounts of cash in their house hide it in the freezer.  The second favorite hiding place is under a mattress.

- Weston, FL has outlawed skating rinks, nightclubs and dance halls.  A rise in nightlife-related crime throughout South Florida prompted city officials to adopt the ban.  According to Eric Hersh, Weston's mayor, "We thought this would protect the city."

- It's the season for high school proms and, according to USA Today, the spring events just keep getting more and more expensive.  The average family of a teenager is expected to shell out $1,078 on prom this year compared to $807 last year.  What causes the expense?  Well, how about the dress, limo, flowers, hair stylist, tux, dinner out, etc., etc., etc.

- Looking for a music recommendation?  Check out Alabama Shakes' debut, Boys & Girls, and their "R&B style retro rock."

- In a first since 2008, more people are quitting their jobs than are being laid off by employers.  Fifty-one percent of job separations are due to workers quitting, according to the most recent government data.  (Source:

- And, finally, are you thinking of starting your own business?  According to, 31% of us say "sometimes, but it's scary;" 26% say "never;" 25% say "definitely one day;" and 18% say "already run one."  The poll also showed that 34% of new businesses survive more than a decade.

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