Sunday, April 29, 2012

Strange couplings...

Is it just me or are there dozens of celebrity couplings, pairings of celebrities with brands, and other mash-ups which make one scratch their head?  Let's take a look, shall we?

- Female athletes and Kohls.  Whether it be Dana Torres, Mia Hamm or Lindsey Vonn, the use of athletes with this retail brand and "the sport of shopping" campaign is just plain awful.  It's a horrid use of these women, who have achieved so much, and downgrades their achievements by comparing what they do with shopping.  Ugh!

- Carrie Underwood and Steven Tyler.  When I saw this pairing advertising on Crossroads (Palladia), I thought "really--I've got to see this!"  And, you know what--it works.  Underwood has an inner wild-child which occasionally comes through (who can forget her nailing Guns N Roses' "Paradise City" in concert at Sprint Center a couple of years ago) and Tyler is her perfect mate for this musical mash-up--watching the Aerosmith front man on "Before He Cheats" was classic.

- Zoe Deschanel and Samuel L. Jackson with Apple.  It's not the use of Deschanel or Jackson which bugs me here--it's why a brand like Apple, who set the standard for product demonstration advertising, would choose to now enlist celebrity endorsers?  This campaign is very inconsistent with Apple's past, successful work.

- Kris Jenner and Zestra.  Zestra is billed as a product which offers women "better sex--effortlessly."  It's an arousal drug pitched by none other than Kris Jenner.  Yep, that Kris Jenner--she with the well-known daughters who have their own reality television series.

- Curtis Stone and Hy-Vee.  What's an upscale chef with an accent doing hawking Hy-Vee, a middle class grocery brand headquartered in Iowa?

- Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine.  This foursome squares off each week on The Voice and, somehow, it fits.  I doubt any of us would have suggested that grouping of music personalities but they do a better job with their respective roles than their rivals on American Idol.

What's your odd couple pairing?  Let me know your thoughts as the above list only scratches the surface of "huh?" moments in our tracking of pop culture.

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