Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tree houses, divorce rings and "double bypass" burgers

- There is a penniless carpenter in British Columbia who secretly built himself a tree house, in a publicly owned forest, with materials obtained free on Craigslist.  Joel Allen salvaged over $10,000 worth of hardwood, glass and lumber online to complete his new abode.  He now faces one challenge--how does he buy the land beneath his tree house?  "It took a lot of work to build it," he said, "and I'd rather not take it down just yet."

- As I tweeted yesterday, what is up with JC Penney's lauded new ad campaign?  The retailer famously enlisted the help of Ellen DeGeneres but quickly abandoned that work, and the "no coupon" theme, for current advertising which looks like a poor man's Target.  It's unclear what "JCP" stands for in today's competitive retail environment.

- It was good to see Glee tackle the topic of domestic violence in the show's episode this week.  Given Rihanna's reconciliation with Chris Brown, here's hoping that young women take counsel from Glee's message.

- Are you in line yet for Avengers tickets?

- Only 3% of Americans have a favorable view of Sen. John Edwards, based on a New York Times/CBS News poll.  Just who ARE these people, anyway!?

- The largest porn site on the Web gets triple the page views of CNN or ESPN, in a given month.  And, the average time spent on the site, according to Google's DoubleClick, is 15-20 minutes compared to three-six for a non-porn site.  (Source:

- For jilted wives out there comes this--a French designer has created divorce rings to "convey to the world a defiant 'I don't!'"  Gisele Ganne's design combines a bird skull with a bride's bouquet and a single gem, and retails for about $1,350.

- And, finally, you'd think that patrons would get the hint at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas.  Recently, a woman ate a massive "Double Bypass" burger there and then suffered an apparent heart attack and was rushed to the hospital.  Just three months earlier, a man dining there suffered a nonfatal coronary.

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