Thursday, May 10, 2012

Television, permanent erections and boob jobs

The spring television season is drawing to a close and already withdrawals are setting in given the absence of shows like The Good Wife (CBS) and Justified (FX.)  In the reality show category, The Voice concluded another successful season this week, crowning the ultra-talented Jermaine Paul as the latest winner.  American Idol will soon draw to a close with only two weeks remaining and another contestant booted off during tonight's telecast.  The finale will reportedly feature Aerosmith in a live performance.

Let's look at what else is going on in the world of pop culture and local news, shall we?

- The Oklahoma Joe's outpost at 119th and Roe, Leawood, KS, is closer to becoming a reality--the restaurant's sign is up on the former TGIFriday's building.  The latest report is that Okie Joe's will open in June.

- A Norwegian couple recently became the first people to get married at the North Pole.  A small number of guests were ferried by helicopter to the northernmost point of the world to watch the bride, in thick white jacket over a traditional wedding dress, say "I do" to her groom.  The minister braved the cold by blessing the marriage union with his bare hands.  Where did the couple honeymoon, you ask?  They left the North Pole to hit the warmer climate of Italy for their post-wedding time together.

- In the "you can't make this 'stuff" up" category, a motorcyclist in California has sued BMW, claiming that riding his motorcycle has given him a permanent erection.  The suit claims that the 20 months of his erection has "caused him substantial emotional and mental anguish."  There was no word as to why it took 20 months of an erection before the cyclist finally decided to, ahem, take action.

- The latest Esquire features an in-depth interview with Eddie Van Halen where he reveals that he's always been terrified of performing.  And, it was Van Halen's father who, when his son was age 12, handed him a shot of vodka and a cigarette to help him mellow out before going on stage.

- A new Gallup poll reports that the majority of Americans believe that gold is the best long-term investment.  After gold, the next mentioned investments were real estate, stocks/mutual funds, savings accounts and bonds.

- The Avengers is a fun, action-packed popcorn movie with terrific performances by the entire superhero cast.

- I really like what Clorox is doing with their latest advertising campaign.  The work positions this cleaning brand, which seems to have been around forever, as still the best solution for any household stain challenge.

- What's on my "to read" list?  In first place is John Irving's latest, In One Person.

- After a slow start to this season, Mad Men has picked up the pace over the past three episodes.  However, it's still disconcerting to watch the "new" Don Draper--every week I think he will revert back to his womanizing, advertising savant ways versus his portrayal of a domesticated, sensitive husband with a short work attention span at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

- Happy Birthday to our current favorite rock front man, Bono.  The U2 band mate and worldwide activist turns 52 today.

- It dumbs down the advertising agency pitch process but there is something very compelling about The Pitch (AMC on Mondays at 8 p.m. CT.)

- Speaking of a TV reality show, why don't network execs look inwardly and consider making the media upfronts the basis for a new series in this genre?  The upfronts, which take place this month, are the meetings where the major networks present the fall and winter television lineups to advertisers and their agencies.  The week then commences the buying process where these same advertisers and media buyers negotiate with the networks for advertising time.  It's an intense process where literally billions of media dollars are in play over a limited set of time.

- And, finally, our quote of the week goes to the gorgeous Charlize Theron, who said, "If I had known 3D was going to be such a big deal, I'd have gotten that boob job ten years ago."

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