Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Facebook, germs and "the other woman"

- See--I told you that you shouldn't invest in Facebook!

- Olivia Hamilton is a three-year old who lives in Gloucester, England.  And, she has a new best friend who may save her life.  Hamilton needs to be constantly monitored in case her blood sugar levels fall too low so her parents enterprisingly decided to train their new puppy to help with the job.  The cocker spaniel, Bonnie, went through intensive scent training so that it learned to tell when Olivia's blood sugar is low by smelling changes in the girl's body odor.  The pup already has detected low blood sugar eight times and alerts Olivia's parents by barking and running around.  Man's--and little girl's--best friend, indeed...

- Well, so much for acting all busy and eating at your desk!  A new study found that the most germ-filled office surfaces are one's desktop and the table in the break room.  A microbiologist involved in the study said, "There's 400 times more bacteria on an office desktop than the toilet seat."

- Back on Facebook--a British legal firm found that over a third of the divorce filings in 2011 contained the word "Facebook."  So much for "friending" your spouse, huh?

- Sign of the apocalypse:  A parking space in New York City is on sale for--are you ready--one million dollars!  The space is in a condo building and has its own real estate broker.  Yikes...

- And, once more on Facebook--an Indian woman filed for divorce because her husband took too long to change his status to "married."  The couple had been only married for two months but the wife felt her husband's tardiness in changing his status meant he was probably cheating on her.  The judge denied her request for a divorce and the couple is now in six months of counseling.

- For those of you in job seeking mode, watch out--8% of Americans say they've embellished or, ahem, exaggerated information on their resume.  And, of that 8%, 27% say they lost their job when the false information was discovered.

- There's good buzz building about Men In Black 3.

- There are only two episodes left of this season of Mad Men but it'll be hard for the show to replicate the drama, pacing and acting of the May 27 "The Other Woman" episode.

- And, on the topic of finales of great shows, Season Two of Game of Thrones (HBO) wraps up this Sunday evening.  Viewers have needed a game-day program to keep track of the no less than eight story lines actively playing out in the land of Westeros and beyond.  Can the show have eight cliffhangers?  It's doubtful but there surely will be plenty for water cooler/coffeemaker discussion next Monday.

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