Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day musings

- If you missed last night's Mad Men, I won't spoil the surprise but, simply put, it's the most eventful episode of this season.  It's also one more intriguing look at Don Draper's relationship with the three most important adult women in his life--his wife, Megan; and business colleagues Peggy and Joan.

- Happy Memorial Day to Best Buy:  Wal Mart is now running full page print advertising suggesting that "if your local Best Buy closed," then come to Wal Mart for the best in TVs and electronics.  Ouch!

- Rocker John Fogerty turns 67 today.

- I blogged a couple of weeks ago about Apple's interesting move towards celebrity pitch-people.  That move became even weirder now that spots featuring John Malkovich have aired.  "Interesting" doesn't even begin to describe that choice of actors.

- The Avengers is kicking box office booty and a key reason is that the film appeals across gender and age groupings.  The audience breakdown thus far is 50% over 25, 40% female, 55% couples and 24% families.

- I don't know about you but I'm breathing a sigh of relief.  Archaeologists found ancient Mayan calculations that indicate that the world will be around for at least another 7,000 years.  So, this whole business of accomplishing everything on your bucket list by 12-12-12 means we have now more time, right?

- And finally, a sad note--Meow, the 39 pound cat, has died.  The feline became a global celebrity when his owner, in New Mexico, left him at a local animal shelter.  The kitty was put on a diet but it was too late--he died of pulmonary failure.

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