Saturday, May 19, 2012

The death of Super Bowl advertising?

Yesterday, GM announced that it was going to stop participation in the Super Bowl advertising circus and immediately came rumblings that this might be the first move in an advertiser insurrection against pricey commercials in this most highly viewed of television events.

Relax--it's not going to happen.  While GM's move is radical, given the automaker's heavy use of Super Bowl media over the past two years, it is not a death knell for Super Bowl advertising.  The investments by Super Bowl advertisers makes more sense now than in years past given the rapid growth in social media and the ability for these TV spots to be seen across various platforms.

GM's move is CMO Joel Ewanick's way of continuing to drive cost savings and implementing a reality check on the company's media and advertising production spending.  As for the Super Bowl and its advertising inventory, the broadcast will do just fine--look for GM's ad time to be snapped up by some opportunistic brand hoping to use this venue to reach the largest TV audience of the year while complementing that viewership with creative seen on YouTube, Facebook and all things social media.

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