Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday morning coffee

Welcome to 2010 which outside, at least here in the Midwest, is looking a lot like the end of 2009. Snow is still on the ground, the temperatures are in the frigid single digits and, guess what, it's snowing again.

- I highly recommend the DVD, Taking Chance. This is an HBO Films movie about Lt. Col. Michael Stroble, played by Kevin Bacon, who volunteers as a military escort officer to accompany the body of 19-year old Marine Chance Phelps back to Phelps' hometown of Dubois, Wyoming. This movie isn't a political statement--it's an affirmation that men and women die in combat and that each carries a story, a family and is deserving of our respect for their ultimate sacrifice to our country. Prepare to be saddened--there are few movies which have moved me in this way.

- Is it just me or does it seem wrong that the Cotton Bowl is not played in the still existing Cotton Bowl stadium? I haven't been there but I know that Jerry World (a k a Cowboys Stadium) is a magnificent venue. But, there is something wrong about losing the tradition of playing this grand old bowl game in the art deco architectural venue where it was meant to be played.

- We've had Black Friday and Cyber Monday this past holiday season. Tomorrow is Fitness Monday--the first Monday after the holidays when the gyms and fitness centers are packed, and the personal trainers have tons of new business opportunities.

- The common theme coming out of yesterday's impressive and decisive win by Kansas at Temple is that the Jayhawks finally played like a #1 team. True, and lost in that storyline was the role played by head coach Bill Self. Self called out his team after a 30 point win over Belmont last week using terms like "soft." That challenge, coupled with national disrespect and the Temple students' saying "We want Kansas!" after upsetting then #3 Villanova, was turned by KU into an outing where they controlled the game from the opening tip. (The Jayhawks only trailed once, 3-2.) It's a good way to start the meat of the season--up next is Cornell on Wednesday night followed by a trip to Tennessee on Sunday, and then Big 12 conference play at Nebraska, Wednesday, January 13.

- One of the trends of the past decade, which I failed to point out in a recent blog on the past ten years, was the growth of food programming on television and how this has turned chefs into stars and media celebrities of their own. That phenomenon is on full display tonight with the duel between Emeril Lagasse and Mario Batali versus Bobby Flay and White House Chef Comerford on Iron Chef America. First Lady Michelle Obama will be involved as a judge.

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