Saturday, January 30, 2010


Andrew Young's book, The Politician, goes on sale today. And, while John Edwards deserves the scorn he's getting, after admitting paternity to his love-child via Rielle Hunter , one also needs to look at Young's participation in the sordid affair and aftermath.

Young, based upon his interview last night on ABC's 20/20 and Nightline, talked about being a witness to the discussions Edwards and Hunter had on what life would be like once Edwards wife, Elizabeth, succumbed to her cancer. Young also received money, flights on a private jet, lodging and other riches from Fred Baron and Bunny Mellon, in exchange for claiming paternity of Hunter's child, as part of the scheme to keep Edwards' affair with Hunter quiet.

In a classic case of downplaying his duplicity, Young claims to have been a then idealistic aide to Edwards who has since come to his senses. And, let's not forget Young's wife--the one who initially was incredulous about her husband's plan but then quickly agreed to join in the cover-up once she realized the financial gains for her and her family. She joined her husband last night on the ABC interviews with an air of innocence which was, honestly, slimy.

The whole affair (no pun intended) is too wacky to be made up...and incredibly, incredibly sad.

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  1. Brett and I watched 20/20 on Friday and thought the same thing... slimy is a good way to put it.