Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday musings

- The Golden Globes were held last night in Hollywood to the usual fanfare and critiquing of attire and hairstyles. But, did you know that all of this hoopla is for an awards show where a grand total of 95 people, maximum, vote on the outcome? The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which stages the show, has 95 members this year--that's it. So, all of the hubbub surrounding who wins for the usual categories in movies and television is a result of this very small group.

- Staying on the Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais disappointed as a host last night. The witty, wry Irish writer and actor too often simply wasn't funny or wasn't given the time to showcase his humor. If the Globes had simply wanted a facilitator, use Ryan Seacrest or some other reality show regular as the awards show host.

- In the dress department, is there a more consistently elegant red carpet presence, awards show to awards show, than Penelope Cruz?

- Once again, there's controversy around a late touchdown being scored in a highly visible football game. During the college season, much was made of USC scoring late on rival UCLA. Yesterday, Minnesota scored late, in a game seemingly well in hand, on a pass play by Brett Favre--his fourth TD of the day. It's too bad that the opposing coaches can't signal to one another at the end of the game, e.g., "want to keep playing?" followed by a "yeah, let's get it on" or an "uncle."

- Here in the Midwest, the wacky weather continues. Dense, dense fog has covered Kansas City this weekend and, on Saturday, caused a multi-car pileup south of the city on I-35. Yet, I am stunned at how many cars I've seen driving in this with no headlights or warning lights.

- I don't know about you but I'm comforted that Jack Bauer is back and that the world will be saved once again. In case you missed it, 24 began season nine last night and continues this evening with another two-hour episode.

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