Thursday, January 28, 2010

Greetings from La La land

Greetings from the City of Angels. Some idle musings during my one-day visit to SoCal...

- Is there a city on the planet with more eye candy than Los Angeles? Red hot automobiles, of every make and type; men and women, some beautiful and some fixed to be beautiful; the usual sunshine glinting off of the lovely Pacific; lush greenery...all coupled with miles and miles and miles of roads, and architecture which strains the definition of that word.

- A interesting item was buried in the Local section of the Los Angeles Times. Actress Eva Larue of CSI: Miami fame (she plays Natalia Boa Vista) is embroiled in a battle with the Glendale City Council. It seems Ms. Larue built a gate at her home, ostensibly to keep out an alleged stalker. The Council's issue is that they claim the gate was built without a permit. Perhaps Larue can get David Caruso (Lt. Horatio Caine) to assist given his usual diplomacy skills on CSI: Miami.

- Is there a brand on the planet who can get the media coverage of Apple upon launching a new product? I was taken back a bit when I saw the i-Pad was front page news in the Kansas City Star. That was just the start--it held the same position in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and USA Today.

- UCLA plays at Oregon tonight--the Bruins last visit to MacArthur Court. Next year Oregon will move into 12,500 seat Matthew Knight Arena. And, yes, this is the same "Knight" as Phil Knight, CEO of Nike and huge contributor to Oregon athletics. Knight is the chief donor for the new arena which is named after his son who, at age 34, died in a scuba diving accident.

- Speaking of MacArthur Court, former UCLA coach Gene Bartow once referred to Oregon's fans there as "deranged idiots."

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