Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday morning coffee

It's been another busy week so let's catch up on some of the action, shall we?

- Did you get a load of the headgear sported by those attending the William and Kate nuptials on Friday? Sarah Lyall, writing for The New York Times, described it best: "The outfits of the guests were generally tasteful and royal-friendly. A few things stuck out...The hats worn by the ladies, which resembled, variously, overturned buckets, flowerpots, lampshades, fezzes, salad plates, tea cozies, flying saucers, abstract artworks or, in one case, a pile of feathers."

- No tweeting was allowed from Westminster Abbey at the royal wedding but in the month leading up to the big event, there were roughly 600,000 posts per day.

- Traveling from midtown to downtown New York in a cab is bad enough but cross-country? Mohammed Alam, a New York cabdriver, received the fare of a lifetime--$5,000 to drive John Belitsky and Dan Weubben of New Jersey from New York to Los Angeles. The trip took six days and was Belitsky's idea for a birthday adventure. Not only did Alam get a huge fare, he also got to see Universal Studios--a dream of his since childhood.

- In our house, we have a hard time getting our cat to use the kitty door. In Florida, a woman discovered that an alligator had figured out the kitty door--she found the creature in her bedroom.

- Katie Couric confirmed that she is stepping down as anchor of the CBS Evening News. That once proud news franchise--the home of Walter Cronkite--is bringing up the ratings rear among nighttime news shows.

- Back to the royal wedding, Christopher Hitchens had this to say on "Every decade or so, the pathetic bunch of scandal-prone, dowdy misanthropes Britain calls 'the royals,' seems to require a 'human sacrifice'--a fresh-faced outsider like Diana or Kate who is forced to live an unendurable existence of constant scrutiny, and then is 'punished or humiliated when they crack up.'"

- Here is another sign of the growing irrelevance of print media: In the past decade, 18 newspapers have closed their foreign bureaus. The Boston Globe, Miami Herald and The Philadelphia Inquirer are among those on this list.

- And finally, some juicy tidbits from today's Parade magazine: West Virginia has the most strip clubs of any state in the U.S. and is also the state which has the highest percentage of adults who report not getting enough rest; Minnesota is the top state for physical activity; Connecticut's residents visit the dentist most frequently; and Vermont leads the nation in the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

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