Wednesday, May 18, 2011

CBS at the Upfronts

Are you used to watching CSI on Thursday night? Don't get comfortable--that time is changing this fall. How about The Good Wife on Tuesday night? Yep, it too is changing its time slot.

The big news coming out of CBS' upfront presentation today was the shift of successful dramas to new times in order to provide better opportunity for success by new programs. And, oh yeah, the other news? In case you didn't know, that show Two and a Half Men has a new co-star.

CBS is planning two new comedies and four new dramas for next season, with three of the dramas in the established cops formula which has worked so well recently for the network.

All three of the CSI dramas will return--CSI: Miami remains on Sunday nights, CSI will move to Wednesday nights and CSI: New York goes to Friday nights. Blue Bloods, which is finishing up a very successful first season, will stay on Friday nights, airing right after CSI: New York.

The new comedies are How to Be a Gentleman, which stars Kevin Dillon of Entourage fame, and Two Broke Girls, about twenty-somethings living in Brooklyn. The rookie shows join successful comedies The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother.

On the drama front, the new entries are a J.J. Abrams-produced drama, Person of Interest, about an ex-CIA agent, long thought dead, who partners with a billionaire to stop crime. Jim Caviezel will star alongside Michael Emerson (Lost.) One of the police dramas is Unforgettable, starring Poppy Montgomery (Without A Trace.) Montgomery's character is able to remember everything which, obviously, is a big plus at work but a bit problematic on the homefront. The 2-2, about six NYPD rookies, is produced by Robert De Niro and stars Leelee Sobieski.

One more drama, A Gifted Man, stars Patrick Wilson as a surgeon whose dead ex-wife gives him life lessons from the great beyond.

What didn't make the CBS cut? Mad Love is out as is $@*! My Dad Says and Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior.

CBS also revealed that the story line of Two and a Half Men will change in order to accommodate the addition of Ashton Kutcher. Execs sounded almost giddy about the addition of Kutcher which finally allows the network to move on from the Charlie Sheen media circus of the past few weeks.

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